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Over Christmas, I was upset to read about a fire at a local charity, Donna’s Dream House. The charity was set up in memory of Donna Curtis, who died of cancer in 1996, and provides free holidays for children and teenagers with life-threatening illnesses and for recently bereaved families. On 20th December, the office was broken into, burgled and set on fire. The building is so badly damaged that it may have to be completely rebuilt.  The fire also destroyed many personal items and mementoes.

Earlier this month, I got an email about Write Dreams, a joint blog of a group of international kidlit writers/bloggers who are hosting an auction in aid of Donna’s Dream House. I’ve offered signed copies of Della, Jessie and Emma and my auction is live now (and closes on the 19th Jan at 9.30pm). But there are lots more items from many more authors going live all the time.

Please have a look and see if there’s anything you’d like to bid on. (And if you’re an author who’d like to offer something for auction, feel free to email me (keris dot stainton at googlemail dot com) or contact Write Dreams via the email on their site.


6 thoughts on “Write Dreams auction

  1. Oh, how heartbreaking. It was bad enough there being a fire, but to know someone did this on purpose… I just don’t know how anyone could. It’s great there’s an auction though, I hope it makes LOADS.

    1. Appalling, isn’t it? I suppose maybe they did it to get rid of evidence/cover their tracks, rather than just pure cruelty, but even so. (And thank you so much for bidding on my item! I really appreciate it.)

      1. I hope it was to get rid of evidence not cruelty but sadly I wouldn’t be surprised if it is the second. 😦

        You’re welcome, though it’s really easy when you really really want said item 🙂

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