C is for Cookie

David had to work most of the weekend so on Sunday I decided to come up with a programme of entertainments for the boys. We went off to buy picnic items and, on the way, Joe started yelling about making crackers. He’d seen Katy do it on I Can Cook and so all the way to the supermarket, Joe yelled, “MAKE CRACKERS! YIKE KATY! CRACKERS!” I told him I had no freakin’ idea how to make crackers, but I could probably manage cookies. If there was a box of mixture in the shop.

There wasn’t. I had a little think. Butter, sugar, flour? That should just about do it, yes? Then we bought a pack of sparkly little icing ball thingies and off we toddled.

When we got home I googled ‘easy cookie recipe’ and it led me to this. I had proper sugar, not caster sugar, but… *shrugs*

I measured everything out, gasped a little at the concept of AN ENTIRE PACKET OF BUTTER and then put the butter in my pocket to bring it up to room temperature. What? Once I’d done all the dishes and cleaned the kitchen and the butter still wasn’t room temperature, I decided to chop it up cos then it would, um, warm up quicker, yes? Not so much, no. I’d advise not trying this recipe unless you’ve got a mixer. I had a wooden spoon. And an impatient toddler.

I did not manage to get the butter to be soft and creamy, but whatevs, I didn’t let it get me down. Joe added the sugar and then wandered off as I endeavoured to “beat” the mixture until it was “pale and fluffly”. This didn’t happen either. Joe returned to add the flour. I mixed it halfheartedly for a while, before giving up on the wooden spoon altogether and just using my hands.

The boys wandered in for a taste. Harry loved it. Joe put it in his mouth, then took it out and tried to put it in mine. I let him, obv. Once I’d finished rolling and kneading the dough, I put it on the baking tray and then took it for the boys to decorate with the icing ball thingies. They enjoyed this bit very much. Fifteen minutes later we had cookies. COOKIES!

I know. They don’t look like much, but they were actually delicious. And I only used half the mixture, so I’ve been grazing on cookie dough for about 48 hours now. I feel a bit bilious, if I’m honest.

We took a few to the park for our picnic. Harry declared them “the best cookies EVER!” Joe bit one, shuddered and blinked for about 30 seconds and then spat it into my hand. He ate four when he got home though.


11 thoughts on “C is for Cookie

      1. I thought you might have flour and sugar left over from the biscuits! But the loaf tin…hmmm…maybe you could make a flat cake using the tray you put the biscuits on. A sort of pizza cake*, if you will.

        (Is it wrong I find the idea of a sweet pizza cake strangely appealing?!)

    1. If only we weren’t at opposite ends of the country…
      Do you have any baking powder? You can make pl flour into sr flour with that.
      (I have a loaf tin I could lend you if we lived nearer, too!)

      1. Haha! Thanks. I could always borrow a loaf tin from MIL, if I really felt the urge. (And yes we DO have baking powder! So that’s good to know.)

  1. They look good to me.

    Do you have a microwave? I always warm my butter up in that…or put in airing cupboard for a few minutes. If you are really desperate you could chop up (yes, it does come up to temperature faster that way) and put into a bowl over a saucepan of hot water…We made cakes yesterday with very soft butter and a wooden spoon.

    1. No, no microwave or airing cupboard. I thought about putting into a bowl over hot water, but just decided to plough on. Just call me half-arsed and slapdash. 😉

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