Serendipity and floating balls

Harry has recently discovered The Sarah Jane Adventures and he loves it. This makes me happy for a few reasons. 1. I really wanted to watch The Sarah Jane Adventures after reading Russell T Davies’s fabulous book The Writer’s Tale, but didn’t think I’d ever get round to it (there’s just so much TV!). 2. Sarah Jane is a fab character and, you know, female. 3. It’s not Zeke & Luther or Pair of Kings or The Suite Life or any of the other Disney XD shows Harry has been watching for a while now.

So yesterday we rushed home from school and sat down to watch an episode together before Joe got home from the grandparents’. Joe would quite like to watch Sarah Jane, but it’s “too ‘tary, Middy!” [scary] The episode was The Lost Boy, in which – spoiler alert! – Luke is kidnapped because the Slitheen want to use his telekinetic energy to bring down the moon and destroy the earth. At the lab (along with Floella Benjamin!), we see a man wearing a band around his head and being electrified while the power of his mind raises a basketball off the floor. Or something.

This morning, I was reading Martha Beck’s new book, Finding Your Way in a Wild New World. The chapter was about how we can actually use our own energy to communicate with animals or even inanimate objects, which is, apparently, completely true and proven by scientists. One of the ways you can test this, Martha said, was to try the Mind Flex. The Mind Flex has a strap with a sensor that you put on your head and a separate box with a fan and a little ball. The fan is controlled by electrical impulses from your brain to lift the ball in the air. There’s a demonstration on YouTube (which I’d actually seen and forgot about), so I yelled to Harry to come and look and we watched it:

In the sidebar, we saw a link to Jude Plays Mindflex, which we watched immediately after and both my boys thought was hilarious. (It’s a baby who was able to get the Mind Flex to work when all the adults had failed.)

And that one led to Zachary MindFlexing, which we all got very into, yelling, “Go on, Zachary!”

Which inevitably led to Harry getting me to find Mind Flex on Amazon and adding it to his wishlist.

Has anybody tried it?


3 thoughts on “Serendipity and floating balls

  1. Haha! Tiny small world of interconnectedness.

    I (surprise) adore SJA like a proper flailyhanded buffoon, and The Lost Boy is one of my favourites. (The bit where they take him away! And when Clyde is hammering on the door and they won’t let him in! Welp.) Hooray indeed for a kids’ show about a grown-up awesome woman and unconventional families and, er, telekinesis. Harry has excellent taste.

    1. We’re really loving it, but we both meeped when they took Luke away and shoved Sarah Jane into the police car.

      Me and D are both loving having a 7-year-old with excellent taste. Once we’d watched SJA, Harry did his homework and then watched Horrible Histories with David. So much better than the CBeebies and Disney XD diet we’ve been subjected to for years!

  2. I love SJA as Sarah Jane was my childhood heroine. Met Lis Sladen many times at conventions & her death last year made me cry.

    I used to be word perfect on Suite Life. Thankfully not any more as A has outgrown them.

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