52 Books: Flambards by K M Peyton

Oh, Flambards. Possibly the first TV show I fell in love with. I can remember playing out in the cul-de-sac opposite our house, probably riding my imaginary horse, and my mum standing at the front door, shouting that Flambards was starting. I remember how much I loved Will and being so upset when he [spoiler removed ;)]. But I’d never read the book. I was chatting about it on Twitter one day and the author Lucy Coats said “You must!” so I did.

And I loved it. In case you’ve neither watched nor read it, it’s about orphaned Christina who is sent to live with her uncle and his two sons in their country house, Flambards. The uncle is obsessed with hunting with hounds, but since being crippled when a horse fell on him, Β he’s transferred his obsession to his sons, Mark, who’s just as obsessed, and Will, who hates riding and hunting and loves flying and aeroplanes.

I remembered it all so clearly, much more clearly than I would have expected and it was one of those books where I didn’t feel like I was reading, it was more like watching a film. Whether that’s because I remember the TV show I don’t know, but I suspect it’s mainly because it’s so beautifully written. I loved it.


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  1. Oh how I wanted to be Christina! I used to watch this religiously! Although I haven’t read the books but I did pick up the original four books in the series. You have made me want to read them now.

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