Now That’s What I Call Spotify

So this may be the best thing ever in the history of the internet. Perhaps you all knew about it already and you’ve been keeping it from me because you knew I’d not only go on and on and on about it, but I’d also make a show of myself singing along with Separate Lives by Phil Collins & Marilyn Martin (“You build that wa-a-a-allllll! And you make it STRONGER!”), but oh my god… someone has made a Spotify playlist of all the Now That’s What I Call Music albums. In order.

(There are inevitably some tracks missing – not everything’s on Spotify – but you can see the track listings here.)

{via @JojoMoyes – Thank you, Jojo. I’ll be eternally grateful. My neighbours, not so much.}


One thought on “Now That’s What I Call Spotify

  1. Oh, this is fantastic, thanks for sharing. Now I’m dancing in my desk chair. There goes the afternoon…

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