Harry and Joe answer questions about me

My friend Karen did this years ago – before Harry could really talk – but I found it again recently, thanks to FB timeline and asked Harry and Joe the questions this morning.

What makes Middy happy?

Harry: Reading books.

Joe: Er… sunshine.

What makes Middy sad?

Harry: Me and Joe being naughty.

Joe: Er… my bang bang drop funny. [?]

What was Middy like as a child?

Harry: I wasn’t born when you were a child so I don’t know.

Joe: Er… baby.

How old is Middy?

Harry: Is it 40?

Joe: Er… 7!

How tall is Middy?

Harry: I don’t know… about 40 centimetres?

Joe: Bigger.

What is her favourite thing to do?

Harry: Writing tweets!

Joe: Er… makin’ words.

What does Middy do when you’re not around?

Harry: Do some work!

Joe: Er… Incy ‘pider funny!

If Middy becomes famous, what will it be for?

Harry: Writing loads of books and being on TV and being on the radio.

Joe: You been Postman Pat deliver.

What does Middy do for her job?

Harry: Writing books.

Joe: Nothin’.

What is Middy’s favourite food?

Harry: Sushi?

Joe: Cheese.

What makes you proud of Middy?

Harry: Writing books.

Joe: Done wee. [I think he’s thinking of what makes me proud of him.]

What do you and Middy do together?

Harry: Going out together. I can’t think of anything because there’s loads of things.

Joe: Nothin’.

How are you and Middy different?

Harry: I don’t have glasses.

Joe: You hair!

Where is Middy’s favourite place to go?

Harry: Los Angeles.

Joe: Down here.

How do you know Middy loves you?

Harry: Cuddling each other.

Joe: Kiss!


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    1. No, they were both wrong, but it’s probably Pad Thai, so I wouldn’t expect them to get that. David’s fave is cheese 🙂

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