52 Books: The Making of Us by Lisa Jewell

I was so desperate to read this book before it came out and my friend Vicki loaned it to me aaaaaages ago, but then, for some reason, I didn’t get around to reading it and the longer I left it, the… longer I left it. But after a disappointing run of ‘grown-up fiction’ (I started – and gave up on – three novels) I decided Lisa Jewell had never let me down before and so started reading…

… and I absolutely loved it. Let me start by saying it’s not chick lit. I used to be on board with the term – god knows, I edited a chick lit website – and then, for a while, I thought it could be reclaimed, but now I’m sick of it. This book is not chick lit. My new definition is ‘would it be called ‘chick lit’ if it had been written by a man?’ and, no, it would not. If this book had been written by, say, David Nicholls, it wouldn’t be called chick lit and so it’s not chick lit. And that’s my final word on the subject. (You know. For now.)

Much like Me Before You by Jojo Moyes (also NOT chick lit!), I didn’t love the sound of this novel – the donor sibling register? Hmm. But of course I trusted Lisa and I was right to do so. I fell in love with every character in this book. It’s funny, warm, thought-provoking and life-affirming. And two days running it almost made me late for the school run because I was so happily reading away in bed that I lost track of time.

And now you should read Vicki’s wonderful review of The Making of Us. Thanks so much for the book, Vicki!


4 thoughts on “52 Books: The Making of Us by Lisa Jewell

  1. You’ve inspired me to read this book (which has been on my Kindle a while) rather than buying a new one. And you’ve also inspired me to sign up for Frugal February. Thanks!

  2. I love Lisa Jewell. It was actually N that introduced me to her books (he was a big fan long before I was! and then some idiot told N that he’d been reading ‘books for girls’ and he was embarassed. Now if N reads at all, he’ll pick up a crime/thriller novel with dark covers and possible blood. I find it sad.) I haven’t read one of her books in awhile, so I think I have a couple to catch up on still..

    1. Oh that is sad, Clover. (Though if David told me he’d stopped reading an author because it was “for girls” the blood on the cover would be his.)

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