Have you ever seen a “fire rainbow”?

A few weeks ago, we were driving home in the late afternoon and I spotted something I described to the boys as “a bit of rainbow.”

It looked so cool that I took quite a few photos, but a) we were in a moving car and b) crappy BlackBerry phone and so the photos were all rubbish. I deleted them and thought no more about it.

But then I saw this photo on Tumblr and, recognising it as a “bit of rainbow”, clicked over and learned it’s actually a Circumhorizon Arc or “fire rainbow” and they’re really rare. In fact, this article says “If you are very lucky you may see a fire rainbow once or twice in your life.”

Fabulous. (Do a google image search – some of them are incredibly beautiful.)

So. Have you seen one?


8 thoughts on “Have you ever seen a “fire rainbow”?

  1. *gasps* WOW! I have and I had no idea it had such a fabulous name! I can’t wait to tell the kids. Did you know you get moon rainbows too and that they are all muted blues and lilacs?

  2. Lovely!! We get little bits of rainbows here but I think they are called Sun Dogs… the are rainbows around the sun created by snow crystals in the atmosphere!!! Just beautiful!!

  3. Our friends wife once said ‘Do you know it’s bad luck to see a rainbow at nighttime?’ Oh how we laughed!

    1. Ha! But there IS such a thing as a moon rainbow. I don’t think it would be bad luck to see it though, I think it would be awesome.

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