Family album

A few days after my dad died at the end of 2010, the pipes burst in his house and everywhere was flooded. My sister phoned to tell me and I completely panicked at the thought that the boxes and boxes of slides we’d found would have been ruined. Thankfully, they weren’t and I’ve just started scanning them on to the computer and will now be boring you for, like, ever.

This one is of me, Christmas 1974, I think. In my hands I’m holding two little rollerskating dolls. I’ve still got them. Or rather, we’ve still got them – I haven’t played with them for a while, but Joe often carries the girl around with him (I don’t know where the boy is at the moment, but he’s in the house somewhere!)


Her outfit’s a bit the worse for wear – I don’t think her bum was hanging out when I got her – but she’s still v loved.


5 thoughts on “Family album

  1. Oh, wow! I still have my girl on skates too! I named her Skates in a burst of creative genius. When I was about six I wrote a letter to the manufacturer to find out more about them and discovered they are called Small Shots. Vivid memory I’d forgotten about, so thanks!

  2. Awww that’s awesome, I haven’t got enough of what I got when I was little! I’m glad she’s still loved, even if she does flash her bum! Lol

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