What we did for our anniversary

You know how much Harry loves the Premier Inn, Albert Dock, right? Well I booked it for our anniversary on one of their cheapo special offers. And then I read about Alma de Cuba’s Sunday Service Gospel Brunch and so booked it for Sunday lunch.

It’s a gorgeous building: both boys were gobsmacked and even David was impressed because some colleague told him it’s the seventh best bar in the world (and he got knocked back from it).

I had a delicious roast with a lovely fishbowl of wine and then I had to order ALMAS AWESOME PJ CLUB: The ultimate Peanut butter and Jelly Club sandwich, vanilla and peanut butter mascapone with raspberry jelly, crushed raspberries and hazlenut brittle on a peanut layer, all served on brioche with a banana and vanilla shake on the side… this definitely contains nuts.

Joe had the milkshake and Harry had the ice cream and I could only manage half the sandwich, but… it was just as good as it looks.

From there, we went back to the hotel – Harry insisted – and then we went to see The Muppets, which was fabulous. This was my favourite bit – spoilery so don’t watch if you haven’t seen the film yet (and want to):


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