So. How’ve you been?

I think that’s the longest I’ve ever gone without blogging…

So I finished the rewrite on Saturday and spent the rest of the day feeling like I had a hangover. Is a writing hangover a real thing? I think I’ve heard other authors mention it.

Anyway, I have at least a couple of days before the book comes bouncing back again so I’m trying to catch up on the stuff I’ve missed and missed sharing here.

I love this tilt shift video of Rio (via @StephenFry)

This Marie Claire South Africa cover made me do a double-take. I don’t think I’ve ever seen a semi-naked man with a handlebar moustache on the cover of a British women’s magazine…

I bought myself this after seeing my friend Emma‘s on facebook. I LOVE it.

I spent a happy half hour with the Go Fug Yourself Best and Worst Oscar frocks. Not sure which was my fave – I thought Felicity JonesVanessa Hudgins and Octavia Spencer looked fabulous – but my worst was Maria Sharapova, no question (although Mena Suvari came close).

My amazing writer friend Zoe Marriott’s Dear Teen Me blog post made me cry. She’s so brave and inspirational.

This Guardian piece about how Refuge could be forced to close due to budget cuts made me furious. “What kind of a world do we live in where women and children are beaten and funding for services to protect them is being withdrawn?”

But to end on a more positive note, I just found my favourite singer, Jason Mraz, singing The Rainbow Connection, which is my second favourite song from The Muppets (which we saw for the second time today) (my first favourite song is Man or Muppet, obv.).

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