Friday Favourites (featuring a cupcake ATM)

Rolognese Spaghetti fork. Genius.

How cute are these bookcase dollhouses?

The Gender Diary account is one of my favourites on Twitter and I love this F-Word post about their first year.

Fabulous – and downloadable – Rights of a Reader poster from Walker Books (via a few people on Tumblr).

Going to have to make a trip to London to see the V&A’s Hollywood Costume exhibition. Who’s with me?

Really pleased that the government is tackling teen rape with this campaign.

The cupcake ATM is a real thing in the world. Look!


16 thoughts on “Friday Favourites (featuring a cupcake ATM)

  1. You won’t be surprised that I LOVE those bookcase dollhouses – what a great idea, I want one! And I’m definitely up for a trip to the V&A, that exhibition looks wonderful.

  2. Oh, I might be up for a trip to London for the costumes. And it’s far enough away to save up/nag husband into it/make reservations at Locanda Locatelli.

  3. is it bad that my first thought about the dollhouses were “well thats a waste of bookshelf space! where do you put the books!” then I reminded myself that you can just have them as well as bookcases… anyway LOVE The cupcake ATM! 😀

  4. When you, Annemarie & Stella meet up wearing your hats, please take a picture. You’ll need to do it quickly before you get carted off to the nuthouse.

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