52 Books: Wonder by RJ Palacio

Thanks to a few excellent pre-publication reviews of this book – particularly this one at Readaraptor! – I was keen to read it, but it was actually this interview with RJ Palacio (the author) that tipped me over the edge and turned it into a MUST READ! NOW! Fortunately, it was on NetGalley, so I downloaded it to my Kindle and got reading.

And oh my. What can I say? It’s a gorgeous book. It’s funny and sweet but, in some places, incredibly hard to read – I actually had to put it down a couple of times because I literally couldn’t see the words for the teariness. But don’t let that put you off – really – because it’s ultimately uplifting and inspiring and just… gorgeous.

I’m going to buy a paper copy because I really want to read it with Harry in a couple of years and I completely agree with Raimy who says it should be required reading for all children between 10 and 16. But honestly a lot of adults could do with a refresher course in judging people on appearances, so everyone should read it. (I only read it a couple of weeks ago, but writing this has made me want to read it again.)


5 thoughts on “52 Books: Wonder by RJ Palacio

  1. Great to hear your thoughts on this one too… and thank you so much for linking to my review! 😀 I mentioned on twitter that I want to buy hundreds of copies of this book and hand it out to people in the streets! 😉

  2. Aw, your review made me feel a bit teary, so I might not be in the best frame of mind for it right now, but I’m adding this and the John Green book to my list. (The latter because too many people online have said I have to read it. Fine! I will! See if I care!)

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