Friday favourites (Clooney!)

I’m afraid I do not know the proper credit for this photo. I tried to find it, honest I did, but then I had to share it anyway, because ohmygod the hotness.

I stumbled across this video of Rolf Harris demonstrating art design on a computer in 1984 when I was looking for a Toni Arthur song my friend Anstey recommended (I used to love Toni Arthur). Anyway, the video? Hilarious. I’m so old.

Remember Puddle Ducks? And Prettifying Pavements and Potholes? Loving this pothole gardener in the same vein.

I’m currently rereading Russell T Davies’s fabulous book, The Writer’s Tale, and he mentions JK Rowling’s appearance on Newsnight, so I looked it up and found the transcript. Ace.

I showed Harry and Joe these photos of the Rainbow Hotel in Palm Springs and we all agreed – WE HAVE TO GO.

Can’t remember how I found this video of poet Sarah Kay performing her poem, B, but I love it. One for all parents (particularly of daughters) to watch.


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