Spring: a few of my favourite things

Haven’t the last couple of weeks been gorgeous? I’ve been loving the weather and we’ve been trying to make the most of it by getting out and about as much as we possibly can. Spring is my favourite season and the last few days have featured a few of my favourite things…

The first of this year’s photos of blossom. The first of many, no doubt.


On Saturday, we went to Windermere and it was absolutely gorgeous. Just before we went home, I said we had to go and paddle in the lake and it ended up being our favourite part of the day. I could look at sunlight on water all day long. (And if my children are in the water being gorgeous, even better.)

My absolute favourite thing lately is being able to see Jupiter, Venus and Mars with my own little eyes. The first time I spotted them a couple of weeks ago, I stood in the street for ages, agog. Last night I went in the garden to bring the washing in and there they were. Literally awesome. (And look! That’s my lilac tree – in bud!)


One thought on “Spring: a few of my favourite things

  1. I love these things too. The blossom is out here and so is the Magnolia. Sun on water is amazing. It’s what makes me want to live by the sea. And I too have taken photographs of the Moon with those amazingly bright planets.

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