My new office

I love my home office, I do, but I find that when I’m there I don’t get an enormous amount of work done. I’ve always known I work better out of the house, but until recently it wasn’t practical to get out very often, since we didn’t have a car. But in the last couple of months, not only did we get a car, but my childcare circumstances changed so that I only have two guaranteed child-free mornings each week. I needed to make sure I got as much done as possible in those two mornings and so, after dropping Harry at school and Joe at preschool, I’ve started going to Starbucks. And it’s been a revelation.

Basically, I get more done in two mornings in Starbucks than I previously did in a whole week at home. And it’s not that I don’t have the distraction of the internet, because the branch I use has free internet (although I don’t have Twitter on my desktop, which probably makes a difference). I think it may be that because I’ve made the effort to get out of the house and I’m spending money on lattes and lunch, I want to make sure I get full value.

But it’s had a knock-on effect in that I really look forward to it. Knowing I have two mornings dedicated to fiction seems to have inspired me – I’ve had more ideas in the last few weeks than in the whole of last year. I’m also into a proper writing routine. I’m working on a bunch of different things so I don’t get bored and I’m really enjoying it.

The proximity to cake is good too.

Do you find you work better out and about?


7 thoughts on “My new office

  1. You have to factor in the embarrassment potential of being seen playing Spider Solitaire in Starbucks too, as part of the reason for increased productivity :0)

    1. Oh I’ve no shame. I go into my own little bubble. Won’t be long before I’m picking my nose and/or arguing with my characters out loud. :/

  2. I am always saying to Jeff I need to get away from the house. Go to the library or something to get away from the animals. But I never do. It requires washing and getting dress in presentable clothing and well, getting up earlier than I do. But you have inspired me. Maybe next week will be the week.

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