Boy quotes (Part 13)

Harry’s just told me he’s going to work at the BBC when he grows up. Either at CBBC or on Strictly Come Dancing. Fine with me.

Joe’s just said “Where’s my trusty pencil?” 😀

Just read Mummy Laid an Egg to Harry. Me: “So what do you think?” Harry: “That’s crazy talk.”

Joe opened a pat of butter and said, “Wow! Like fireworks!” ???

Saw a snail on the way to school. I wondered where it might be going. Harry said “I think Las Snailgas.”

Just parking the car and Joe said, “Go back. Go back. Go back, Middy. Yes, Middy, fine!” #backstreetdriver

Just told Harry I needed to write a little bit more of my book. He suggested “‘I want to go on the computer,'” said Harry.

Joe talking is just the best thing ever. He just ran up to me and said, “Mama bin hoov’rin’ down’tairs? Yes, Mama!”

I’ve been up since 5.30. Harry’s just come downstairs and said, “Funny time in the morning to be up!” Tell me about it…

Just shouted for Harry. Joe ran in: “Yeah?” “You’re not Harry, are you.” Joe: “Yes, ma Harry!”

Harry: “Me and Daddy have falled out with each other and he never wants to see my sight.” Heh.


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    1. Haha! Yes! I was obviously thinking of The Backstreet Boys at the time. Or driving down the back street. #nitwit

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