Sunny Sunday

Given that we’ve no idea if these last couple of sunny weeks will turn out to be “summer”, we’ve been trying to make the most of them and so if the sun’s shining there’s no lounging around at home allowed – it’s up and at ’em.

Yesterday, the boys wanted to go to the beach, so we headed off on one of our favourite days out. I’m usually super-cautious about the weather, taking a selection of clothing with me to cover every eventuality and while yesterday I did that for the boys, I totally failed to do the same for myself and so I stood in the playground in Williamson’s Park, Lancaster, in my little cardigan and flip-flops, shivering and longing for a nice warm jumper and my favourite boots.

It was so nippy that we didn’t think the beach would be much good, but after driving to Morecambe and grabbing a couple of coffees (for me and D) and muffins (for the boys) we toddled down to the sand and it was absolutely glorious. The beach was almost empty and it was actually warm.


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