Boy Quotes (Part 14)


Harry: “Last night I dreamed that Joe laid a perfectly good fried egg.”

Joe is shouting from his bed: “Mama! Joe want yunch!”

Oh dear god. Harry’s just told me he’s watching “Dick & Dong.” I said, “Um… it’s Dom.” “Nope. It’s Dong.”

Joe’s favourite new game is “pretend a be a yittle cat” and then just when I’m snuggling and purring: “Attack! Yions!”

Harry: “Why isn’t this country attached to Europe?” It’s too early for this.

Joe’s just told me to use “Daddy favourite glue.” 15 years of marriage and I didn’t know David had a favourite glue.

Joe thinking

Harry: “I miss the old days when I was tiny. I loved being tiny.”

Joe’s sitting surrounded by cushions. Me: “You stay there in your nest like a little cute bird.” Joe: “Tweet tweet.”

Harry: “Isn’t it great having wifi, Joe?” Joe: “Yeah!”

Harry’s just said, “Wifi is great. Remember the times we didn’t have wifi..?” We’ve had it since 11 o’clock this morning.

Joe’s new favourite thing to say is “What the Dickens?!” My work here is done.