The Old Man Gets Dressed by Harry Stainton

Meant to post this ages ago, but forgot all about it. Harry wrote this on my laptop in the back of the car one day on the way home from a day out. Joe spent the journey licking his own feet and shouting “ROCK AND ROLL!”

Anyway, while H was writing this, he asked us how to spell “doofrols”. “What now?” we said. “DOOFROLS!” he yelled. “Sorry… I don’t know…” Harry, impatient: “Frols! F. R. O. L. S. How do you spell that?!” Heh.

Anyway. Here is Harry’s first published (on my blog) story:


onse upon a time ther is a old man called stanley he lived in a farm stanley wanted to wear his date dress but he put his doof frols by mistace but he did it again he put football shirt on by mistace but he did it again  he put his underpants on his head by mistace and finally he wear his date dress and he went to a date.

the end

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