Remember The Belle Stars

I’ve been on hols. While I was away, I suddenly remembered this song, which I was a bit obsessed with when I was a tiny child (okay, I was 12). I’m pretty sure me and my sister and her friends (I didn’t have any friends) made up a dance routine and possibly even formed a band. A band that would just mime to this one song, obv.

I picked the TotP appearance over the video, cos it has bad miming and mad skippy-dancing. Enjoy.


5 thoughts on “Remember The Belle Stars

  1. Eeee! Yes, am singing along like a berk here. How come the whole ‘hat on top of your hood’ thing never caught on, eh?

    (I totes fancy the aloof talky one.)

    1. Ha! I LOVE the talky bits. I was sure I’d recognise at least one of them as being famous for something entirely different now. But no.

  2. The Belle Stars! I bought the Clapping Song (wait for it) on picture disc! I don’t know what I was thinking… oh, yeah, hang on, I *really* liked the blondey-tousley-haired one.

    1. Oh, I miss picture discs. I actually had a couple of floppy picture discs that came free with magazines. Those were the days…

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