Boy Quotes (Part 15)

Told Joe MIL was having a check-up and he said “A chipmunk?! Grandma got a pet?”

Harry’s just said, “Middy, you will be surprised at how much I will miss you when you’re in LA.” 😦

Joe is “armantising” my office. I have no idea what it means.

Harry tweeted this: RT @Keris: joe is love

Gave Joe two biscuits. He brought one over to me, saying, “There go, Middy.” I think he might be my favourite.

Equality lessons are working. Harry says he’s looking forward to making “snowmen… or snow-women.” Still wants to make snowballs though. 😉

Joe’s ruined: “Goin’ hotel..?” “No, we’re going home.” “NO! JOE GO HOTEL!!!”

Harry’s arguing that Jesus didn’t wear trousers. He said, “If we had a bible, we could look in it. Or… Google?”

When we sing Twinkle Twinkle to Joe, Harry replaces half the words with “poo.” Just sang it to Joe and Joe replaced half with “bin day.”

Harry’s just told Joe that David’s in Guatemala and he’s showing him on the map. David’s in Chorley.

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  1. your boys are the best. I think we’d be the best of friends because they share my sense of humour and silliness

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