So. NaBloPoMo.

I decided to mark the run-up to publication of Emma Hearts LA by blogging every day in May. (Not entirely because it rhymes, but that certainly doesn’t hurt.)

I’m not going to blog exclusively about the book – although I will mention that the first review is over on Readaraptor today! – but I will write a bit about it, maybe share a couple of excerpts and write a bit more about the LA research trip. We’ll see.

It’ll be fun. I hope.


8 thoughts on “So. NaBloPoMo.

  1. Congratulations on your fabulous first review; may it be the first of many! Good luck with the blog challenge, too (you loon). x

    1. Thank you! If it’s anything like most other challenges I undertake, I’ll have forgotten about it by this time next week (and I’ll just quietly remove the button…)

      1. Unless they’re NaNoWriMo – then you totally hit the back of the net! I can’t even say that, sadly… If only there was a ‘faffing about online when I should be writing award’.

  2. you know how many hits that post got?!? Now i realise why? 😉 hehe thanks for the awesome book. I cant wait to get my hands on a physical copy! I am looking forward to your blog month too! 😀

  3. yay! loved Raimy’s review and can’t wait for mine to go live too 🙂

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