When is it okay to use the word “gay”?

I love this so much. Thank you to Lauren for tweeting it.

It’s from It’s Pronounced Metrosexual, which seems to have loads of great stuff that I will have to investigate further.


3 thoughts on “When is it okay to use the word “gay”?

  1. I hate this word. We grew up using it like crazy of course at the time we had no idea what we were really saying with, “Don’t be gay,” or “That’s gay!”. It was kind of synomous with “stupid” I think — “That’s stupid.” but it was cooler to say, “that’s gay”. Whenever we used the term I don’t think we ever thought of a “gay” person. But now, it’s like “shite, I can’t use that word like that anymore. It’s right up there with “retard” in terms of words we used but should never have been, category. No idea where we picked them up from — friends, media, family…

    1. That’s really interesting that you were using it that way when you were growing up. It seems to be a relatively recent thing here – at least, I never knew anyone who used it that way when I was growing up.

  2. I loved this when I saw it. Kids use the word Gay all the time and it really annoys me. I’ve been trying o tell Lewis off for it whenever he uses it but its so hard when he hears so many other people saying it all the time!

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