Remember Flamingo Road?

I was just chatting on Twitter with my friend Jenni. She’s watching The West Wing for the first time and has reached the Agent Sunshine episodes with Mark Harmon. Mark Harmon was one of my first ever crushes, thanks to Flamingo Road.

Remember it? I bloody loved it. I hardly remember anything about it, apart from there was a woman who was a singer and she sang Blue Kentucky Girl, which I LOVED and was delighted to find my dad had in his country music collection. It’s by Emmylou Harris, who was one of his faves. I just found it on YouTube and it made me cry. Cos it reminds me of my childhood/dad, I mean. Not cos of Flamingo Road!

Country music always reminds me of my parents getting ready for friends to come round to play cards. Low lights in the front room, my mum in the kitchen emptying salted peanuts into the Lazy Susan (it was the 70s), my dad in the front room, strumming along with Emmylou Harris or Dolly or George Jones on his guitar, me and my sister nicking peanuts in the kitchen or sitting at the top of the stairs, waiting for the doorbell…


5 thoughts on “Remember Flamingo Road?

  1. I never watched Flamingo Road (I don’t think I did) but I had a crush on Mark Harmon when he was in St Elsewhere. He was a total babe.

  2. Wasn’t he The Beastmaster?

    Ahhh, yes, 1970s dinner parties, My parents had a gold drinks trolley to go with the bowls of salted peanuts, and suddenly the whole house would smell like perfume and lipstick. And yes, sitting on the top of the stairs waiting… *nostalges*

    1. Ooh no, just checked – that was Marc Singer from V. God, I loved V. The baby with the forked tongue…

      Gold drinks trolley, eh? You were fancy.

      1. Doh. I never saw V. (I watched a bit of the new one, but yknow, lizards. Zzz.)

        When I say ‘gold’ obvs I mean ‘plastic sprayed gold’. The definition of fancy.

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