52 Books: How to Keep a Boy as a Pet by Diane Messidoro

I was desperate to read this book from the first time I heard about it. Diane is a fellow Girls Heart Books blogger and I absolutely love her funny and feminist posts, so I knew the book would be a treat and so it proved to be!

Because I’m lazy, here’s the description:

This is the Official Truth about dating the Male Human Species! I am Circe Shaw…And I refuse to spend my entire life swooning pointlessly. I must become a fabulously sophisticated journalist and reveal the actual scientific truth about dating boys…

Circe Shaw is on a mission! She needs to discover the secrets of male human pet control. Urgently. But life is beyond complicated. Circe has to deal with a poisonous rival, her mum’s annoying ‘just friends’ men and her own Dark Past. Can dressing like a horse or acting like a disco really help? Will Circe finally catch a boyfriend? Or will she break her heart…

I ignored the kids and stayed in bed on two successive mornings reading this book (see? Lazy). That’s practically unheard of. But it’s so sweet and funny and a little bit sad and I didn’t want it to end. I just loved Circe. It reminded me of the early Georgia Nicholson books (not least because I started thinking in Circe’s voice when I was reading it) and also of Susie Day’s Big Woo! (which is one of my fave YA books of all time).

In other words, it’s a fab debut and I can’t wait to read Diane’s next book.


7 thoughts on “52 Books: How to Keep a Boy as a Pet by Diane Messidoro

  1. I really cant wait to read this, I nearly started it last night and wish I did now!! (I read Dying to Know You instead which I’d be interesting in your thoughts on btw… Have you read any Aidan Chambers?) anyway, this is definitely high up on my tbr pile!!

  2. I started reading it and wasn’t sure, and then wham! fell in love with it. So funny and reminded me of Jilly Cooper (horses plus snarling hero)

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