Where are all the snails?

I kind of love snails. I don’t know why since they’re really just slugs with a shell and I do not love slugs (not that I hate them either, I even tried to keep one as a pet when I was a kid), but there’s just something about snails I find endearing.

I’ve liked them even more since that time we saw a snail on the way to school and Harry said it was on its way to “Las Snailgas”. Now I imagine them gambling and perhaps with light shows on their shells. Just me?

Anyway, when I asked if I could join in the Cupcakes for Clara Snail Trail*, I planned to find a couple of snails and have a snail race with the boys. But we couldn’t find any snails. Not live ones anyway (I know snail races are slow anyway, but they’re really slow if the snails are ex-snails). We’ve got slugs. We’re lousy with slugs. But not a snail to be seen.

So I made one from Playdoh. And Joe was delighted with it. No, really, he was. (Ever heard that expression “He should tell his face?” Yes.)

* If you look really carefully on my blog, you might find a secret snail. And if you click it, you might get a surprise.

3 thoughts on “Where are all the snails?

  1. This is definitely the funniest snailtrail post I’ve read! Thanks for the laugh.
    Tania (fellow snailtrailer)

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