Boy Quotes (Part 16)

Harry just spotted an old photo of me and David. He said, “Wow, you look young and Daddy looks like a total goon.” Heh.

Joe: “Joe waked up!” Me: “You haven’t been to sleep yet.” Joe: “Oh. Sorry, Mama.”

Have hurt my knee – can’t put any weight on it. Harry said, “Don’t tell me I’ll have to make you tea and a sandwich and do your To Do list.”

“Mama, come quick! Joe want some raisins, Mama!” Weirdo.

Harry just asked me, again, how babies are made. As I told him, he said “I always thought tiny elves went up you nose and maked the babies.”

Joe just shouted from his bed: “What you doin’ on computer, Mama?” How does he know I’m on the computer? Oh.

Harry freaking out in the other room. Joe ran in and shouted, “Harry! Pull self ‘gether!” Toddlers are ace.

Told Harry I had a headache. He karate-chopped me on the forehead and said, “A bonk on the head always does the trick!” Ow.

I was looking at Joe earlier and he said “Mama? You eyes gone black.” #love

Chris Evans playing Crazy Horses. Harry and Joe are rocking out and killing themselves laughing.

Asked Joe to tell Harry what we’d got for tea. Joe: “Tiny PEOPLE!” It’s tiny pizzas actually.


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  1. I love your children Keris, can I have one? (just kidding, I’ll have my own then bring them to meet Harry and Joe so they can share the awesome!)

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