My dad’s business card

Have I written about my mum’s suitcase on here? I can’t remember if I have or not. Let’s assume not. After Dad died and my sister was clearing out his house, she found a small suitcase in the loft. The case was full of stuff Mum (who died in 1999) had saved, but had never mentioned. Letters, cards, postcards, photos, programmes from shows, even things like dry cleaning receipts from when she lived in America in the early sixties. I’m going through it all and scanning it, but I thought I’d share this…

Harold C James was my dad. I assume it’s from the early 60s. He didn’t need a real business card. He worked in a printers (which, if you’re so inclined, you can read more about over on Girls Heart Books) and obviously made it himself, for a laugh. (And it did make me laugh.)


4 thoughts on “My dad’s business card

  1. Ah, that’s lovely. Reminded me of a business card of Peter’s late uncle who I did the order of service cards for. They asked me to put it on the back page. I’ll have to email you it. Perhaps it was something that a lot of men of that era from the Wirral did – he was from there too ;0)

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