New York: then and now (ish)

Along with scanning in the contents of my mum’s suitcase, I’ve also been scanning the boxes of slides. Among them were Mum’s photos of her trip to New York in 1964. (She was living in Boston at the time, working as a nanny, along with her friend – also called Maureen.)

This was one of Mum’s photos – taken from the top of the Rockefeller Centre (Mum calls it the RCA Building. It’s the GE Building now).

And here’s mine, taken from the same place, but in 2007.

In the opposite direction, here’s Mum’s:

And mine:

I never made it to New York while Mum was alive. I actually first went there the year she died (1999) and I remember, while there, desperately wanting to phone her and tell her where we’d been and what we’d done. I got that feeling again, looking at these photos.


3 thoughts on “New York: then and now (ish)

  1. I know they have specific points for taking photos in those buildings but I still think it’s amazing that they’re from exactly the same place.

    1. They don’t really, on Top of the Rock, because it’s glass all along. (Like this So it definitely is a bit weird. I wonder if they’d look like they were taken in the same place from *anywhere* on that building, if you know what I mean.

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