25 hours in London

On Thursday morning, I dashed off to London, mainly for lovely Tanya Byrne’s book launch (which I’ll be writing about for UKYA), but I also managed to squeeze in a meeting at my publishers and breakfast with some fabulous author friends. I’m still shattered, so will blog more about it another day, but here’s a photo from breakfast on Friday.

L-R: Keren David, me, Susie Day, Fiona Dunbar (thanks to Keren for the photo)

I had such a wonderful time (along with the Best Latte Ever) and I still can’t quite get over how lucky I am to have made so many lovely friends through writing YA. Such a welcoming, supportive, funny and all round amazing community. I’m still pinching myself, honestly, which is probably why I look like a competition winner in the photo!


2 thoughts on “25 hours in London

  1. And once again I don’t need to blog, as you just say exactly the contents of my head. Do you want to do my edits?

    Had such a lovely lovely time, and thank you lots for not looking at me funny while I ate crisps in a Travelodge at 2am.

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