A post from Harry (updated!)

Harry has asked me and my blog readers to help him name a new TV show he’s working on. Over to Harry:

Wick name do you like best

Is it Harry . who or cinderharry


People have been asking what the shows are about. I asked Harry to write it, but he didn’t want to (there are croissants in the offing, so I’m not surprised really). 


Harry is invited to a ball, but his ugly stepbrothers don’t want him to go. One of his ugly stepbrothers is Joe, but there are two Joes and the other Joe is Harry’s Fairy Godbrother and says he can go to the ball and gives him a dress to wear. At the ball, he meets a princess, but has to leave at midnight. (Harry planned for the princess to find his glass slipper, but I suggested perhaps he should leave something different? So…) The princess finds a glass “bot bot” and then has to travel the land trying to find the matching bum.

Harry Who

Just like Doctor Who, but with Harry. 


3 thoughts on “A post from Harry (updated!)

  1. I just changed my mind! I liked the name Harry. Who. Then I read the synopsis of Cinder Harry and it was so funny I decided I preferred the second idea. A glass bot bot? Harry in a dress? Class.

  2. Got to be CinderHarry, because of the botbot. Also very interested to see how Harry will cope with the multiple Joes.

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