Boy quotes

(Some of these are really old.)

Joe just said, “Smack my butt and call me Larry!” He did not learn that from me. *stares at Harry*

Lying on the sofa, feeling sorry for myself. Harry covered me with a blanket, Joe brought me his Peppa Pig. “Ohhh, poor Middy…”

Joe: “I just found this for you, Middy. There. In you book.” Yeah. That’s a bookmark.

Harry: “How do you spell ‘didge’?” Me: “Didge?” “Yes, like Rio de Janeiro.”

Joe’s been in bed for over an hour. I can hear him on the monitor saying, “Middy? Daddy? Where ARE you?”

I’ve just heard Harry saying to Joe: “I need a holiday… come on, let’s go to Las Vegas!”

Me to Harry: “You haven’t heard a peep out of Joe?” Harry: “What’s a peebarger?” I need to enunciate… #clothears

Joe taking toddler egotism to new levels with “I do it by Joeself!”

Played Harry some Dolly Parton today. He said, “Is she an actual doll?”

Joe just fell off the sofa. I said, “How did you do that?!” He said, “Yike Humpty Dumpty.” Fair enough.


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