I made this – Nadia Sawahla’s sister’s fish stew recipe – last night. That’s her photo, not mine. Mine did not look that good, but it tasted great.

I love fish stew and it’s really easy to make, but for some reason we hardly ever have it. Must try harder. Not least because it reminds me of holidays. I had a Pizza Express pizza with anchovies recently and went into a total reverie – it didn’t just remind me of holidays, it took me right back to the last holiday me and D had before we had Harry (Samos, if you’re interested). I’ve been craving anchovy pizza ever since.

(For some unknown reason, I can never remember the word “anchovy”. I asked David the other day – “Those little teeny fish you get on pizzas” and he shrugged and went “I dunno…” like a teenager. Until recently, I could never remember the word “dachshund” – I’d always have to say “sausage dogs – what are they called?” but then suddenly I found that one was sticking. Weird.)