Five things you (probably) didn’t know you could do with your Kindle

I’ve mentioned before and my Kindle is currently adorned with a lovely Jessie Hearts NYC skin from there, but new book = new skin, so soon I will be ordering an Emma Hearts LA version.

I read about Readlists via Swissmiss and it sounds like a great idea. Collect a bunch of web pages and have them sent to your Kindle like an ebook.

I haven’t tried Readlists, but I do use the Google Chrome Send to Kindle add-on quite a lot. As above, it’s for sending web content to your Kindle for offline reading. Great for longer articles/blog posts. I’ve also just started using Instapaper (on Diane‘s recommendation) and that seems really great. You save any articles you want to read later and set Instapaper to send them direct to your Kindle.

Did you know you can transfer the notes you make on your Kindle to your computer? No, neither did I. (Unless you did, in which case, why didn’t you tell me?) Until I read this. (via @IndieAuthorsAlliance)

I’m sure you know you can send documents to your Kindle, but did you know that if you email a PDF with “convert” in the subject line, it will automatically be converted into a more readable format? So much better than all the zooming you have to do with a PDF.

Anything I’m missing? Let me know. 


6 thoughts on “Five things you (probably) didn’t know you could do with your Kindle

  1. This is a great list of things! I learned about the convert thing a few weeks ago when I read a different post of five things you can do with your Kindle. I didn’t know about any of the others, I might have to try Instapaper – would maybe help me to get through the hundreds of links I’ve favourited via Twitter and not found the time to wade through!

    1. I’m actually loving Instapaper. Now it means all those saved docs are piling up on my Kindle rather than on the computer, but I’m much more likely to read them on there. I think.

      1. I think I could find it useful when I’m on a train journey for example and I finish my book with 20 minutes or so of the journey left and don’t necessarily want to start another book.

  2. I use the ‘Send to Kindle’ for Chrome and it is SO awesome. So easy to use and helpful–I must click it at least once a day!

  3. This is great! I didn’t know most of these things. I’ve just tried the convert from pdf one and it worked! Brilliant! 🙂

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