52 Books: This is How it Ends by Kathleen MacMahon (win a copy!)

I didn’t know what to expect from this book at all. I’ll be honest, I only really wanted to read it because I knew the author got a huge (six figure) advance and I’m nothing if not nosy. Here’s the blurb (I’m also lazy):

THIS IS HOW IT ENDS tells the story of two people who collide with each other just as the whole world seems to be caught between the hope and promise of Obama’s election and the catastrophic collapse of the global economy.

Bruno is a middle-aged American banker who has come to Ireland to escape the financial meltdown in his own country. Addie is an out-of-work Irish architect. Childless and isolated when she meets Bruno, her life seems to be on a downward spiral.

Addie and Bruno’s story is one of nationality and identity, of the power of optimism to defeat despair and the unstoppable march of time. It’s the story of two people who find joy together when they were least expecting it. It’s about the past and the future and the elusive skill of living in the moment. It is a love story for our times.

I read this a while ago when the publishers kindly sent me a (very swanky) proof, so details are hazy, but I really loved it. It’s one of those books that you’re just pootling along with and then you find that it’s got under your skin. I’ve seen it compared to One Day a lot and, like One Day, it’s not perfect, but I still find myself thinking about certain scenes and characters months later.

And along with the swanky proof, the lovely people at Sphere also sent me a finished copy. If you’d like to be in with a chance to win it, please leave a comment (making sure you leave your email address so I can contact you if you win). Deadline is Sunday, 3 June, midnight GMT. UK only, I’m afraid, cos it’s a hardback. 


3 thoughts on “52 Books: This is How it Ends by Kathleen MacMahon (win a copy!)

  1. Well, I’m a sucker for the political backdrop & I loved One Day despite its faults! I’ll have to read this one way or another:-)


    BTW, my lie in sun read this weekend was Before I go to sleep by S J Watson. Impressive & compelling read.

  2. Ceri says: OMG! – Yes please….

    Would kill (not literally) for a lovely new hardback. Paperbacks only on my shelf this year. Austerity measures and all that….


  3. Sounds like a good plot. I like a bit of romance but I need something more substantial than a simple boy meets girl story. This sounds as if it may be a bit meatier than the usual romantic offerings. I guess i’ll have to win it to see!!

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