Boy quotes

Harry: “I’m a secret agent, not a dancer. I’ve got four TV shows and four jobs – I don’t want any more!”

I just said, about the mother in Tangled, “Wow, she’s a horror.” Harry said, “Yeah. Like you today.” Ha! #megastress

Joe’s playing hide and seek with a sandwich. The sandwich is winning.

Picked Harry up from school. He looks perturbed. Asked what’s wrong. “I feel like someone’s watching me. Maybe a robot bird…” :/

Joe says he has an friend at preschool called Macarena. I don’t think that’s true (although I wouldn’t be surprised).

“I’m not scared of anything since Mr Smith and K9 came into my life.” They fell out of the sky, apparently. 🙂

Joe shouting from his bed: “You okay down there, Mama?”

Harry: “I wish someone could read my mind… Oh! I can read my own mind and tell you!”

Joe just sat next to Harry, stroked his arm and said, “You beautiful, Harry.” Me and D both welled up. #wussies

Harry: “Wall-e and Eve made me a Mr Smith, so I could give him up [for Lent]… Or I could give up my other dimensionator…”

Joe: “I want to sit on your yap, Middy an’ watch you workin’, Mama.”


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