Remember Voice of the Beehive?

I don’t know how I managed to forget about them, but I totally did, until last night when we saw them on an old TotP compilation. I was OBSESSED with their album Let It Be. Obsessed. My favourite is Sorrow Floats, but I still bloody love Don’t Call Me Baby.

It’s funny, I think my iTunes is quite male-heavy and if you asked me, I would probably say it’s always been that way (not iTunes, obv, but the music I’ve listened to over the years), but thinking about it now, it really didn’t used to be the case at all.

As well as Voice of the Beehive, I was totally obsessed with En Vogue (particularly Funky Divas), Whitney Houston, Janet Jackson (from Control to Janet, but particularly Rhythm Nation 1814 – god, I LOVED that album), Alanis Morissette, Catatonia, even bloody Martika.

I don’t listen to any of them anymore (except occasionally Alanis). What happened? How come I stopped listening to them and, not only that, completely bloody forgot I ever had?


10 thoughts on “Remember Voice of the Beehive?

  1. I’d forgotten about them too. I don’t even know that song any more but I’m sure I know something from them…. *scratches head*

    I have to say though, I much prefer Madison Avenue’s Don’t Call Me Baby from 1999.

  2. Love em. ‘I Say Nothing’ was my fave (jangly guitar! a bit where it stops and starts again!). Played my sister’s cassette of Let It Bee to death – which is presumably why I hadn’t heard them for ages. All my early 90s stuff was tapes.

    They had extremely good hair.

  3. My favourite band. I saw them in concert at the Coventry Tick-Tock when I was about fourteen, wore a hat like Tracey, wanted Perfect Place played at my funeral, and know every single word to every single song. I walk the earth my darling, this is my home.

  4. Don’t Call Me Baby has been one of my favourite songs ever since it came out. I just love it, and it hasn’t aged badly at all. I didn’t have their album at the time so obviously I’ll now have to check it out. Ta!

    1. Oh, you must! And tell me what you think. I was worried it would have dated really badly, but I don’t think it has.

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