Exploring Avenham Park

Even though it’s not at all far from where we live, we only discovered Avenham Park last year. I saw it from the train on the way in to Preston and it looked amazing, so we went investigating.

It’s an absolutely gorgeous Victorian Park with wide open spaces, shady areas, a lovely cafe, a Japanese Garden that I’d love to investigate further, a river, fountains, sculptures, a playground… even a couple of cannons.

Harry and Joe ran off across the grass and David and I had a little sit down and watched swallows darting and playing and skimming the ground. I’ve never seen swallows so close before – they were beautiful.

Joe found a branch underneath a tree and Harry decided he would keep it as a “souvenir”. When we told him it would die – was, in fact, already dead – he got really upset. He thought it was too sad, leaving it behind in the park, all alone. So he planted (erm, stuck) it in the ground and David said a few words (no, really) and then H asked me to take a photo. Oh little branch… we hardly knew ye.

(After the park, we went to Waterstones to visit my books – squee! – and I saw Stanley’s Stick by John Hegley. I’d read a rave review at Playing by the Book, so I wanted to read it anyway, but it turned out it couldn’t have been more perfect. I read it to Harry, who sniffled again, but then wandered off quite happily to find a billion books to nag me to buy him.)


3 thoughts on “Exploring Avenham Park

  1. Ahh… letting a loved thing go… Harry’s stick and Stanley’s stick – how wonderful to hear about the two coming together so well!

  2. I live very close to this park and grew up visiting it, with the family, with picnics and and we’d play rounders all day. Lovely memories. It has been ‘done up’ recently as it needed it.

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