Emma Hearts LA launch party

The first thing I saw in Waterstones!

It was all rather overwhelming really, so I was tempted to just let the slideshow speak for itself, but I’m going to pull myself together and write a bit.

The display in Waterstones was fantastic and I wish I’d taken the time to really take it in, but as with the launch parties I had for Della Says: OMG! everything happens so fast and it all goes by in a blur. A lovely blur, but a blur all the same. I met Iffath (@lovereadingx) who has been so supportive and lovely since before even Della came out and I was thrilled that I finally got to meet her (and her friend and her auntie!).

Much like the Della launch, people arrived and I said hello and then other people arrived and I either ended up rudely abandoning the person I’d been speaking to in order to greet the new people, or rudely ignoring the new people so as not to be rude to whoever I was talking to. It’s very tricky. Again, like the Della launch, there were a couple of people to whom I only said “Hi” and “Bye” (Sorry, Zoe and Andrea!). I took my camera, but forgot to take photos. I had wine (of course), but didn’t get around to having any food (not even the Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups – fool!).

Oh and I totally failed to give a speech. Again. But that was okay really, because I’m rubbish at speeches. So I’ll say my ‘thank yous’ now, if that’s okay.

Thank you to Waterstones Arndale Centre – particularly Holly – for offering to host the launch in the first place and for doing such a brilliant job of it.

Thank you to everyone who came. I’m so thrilled and touched that you made the effort and I hope you could tell by my slightly demented grin that I appreciated it. (Special thanks to Laura and Tanya for coming all the way from London.)

Thank you to everyone who bought books and I’m really sorry if I wrote something random (or spelled your name wrong).

Thank you to Tanya for the lovely presents, Laura and Tom for the amazing cake, and Jacqui for the beautiful flowers. You’re all super-lovely.

Thank you to Orchard for the refreshments and gorgeous posters/postcards. I totally meant to nick some and completely forgot.

Thank you to David for looking after Harry and Joe (most of the time!), for taking them back to the hotel and putting them in bed while I went off to the pub, and for going back to the shop the next day to take a photo of all three of my books on the shelf (something else I forgot to do).

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I really did have the most brilliant time.


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