Chicken or small?

I’ve got SO MUCH I want to write about – my plan to exercise every day (apart from scheduled rest days) in June, flexi-schooling (which is all over the place), our new iPad (squee!), but Joe’s got chicken pox, which isn’t actually taking up much time so far, but it has addled my brain, so instead I’ll leave you with this clip from one of my all-time favourite episodes of Friends.

Weirdly, one of my favourite West Wing quotes is also pox-related (although I think you have to see it to really appreciate it):

C.J. Cregg: Josh!
Josh Lyman: Yes ma’am?
C.J. Cregg: There’s an article I want you to read in the New Yorker.
Josh Lyman: What’s it about?
C.J. Cregg: Smallpox.
Josh Lyman: The disease?
C.J. Cregg: No, the dessert topping Josh. Yes, the disease.


2 thoughts on “Chicken or small?

  1. I think that’s my second favourite episode, evah. After the Chris Isaak one, of course.

    Poor Joe. I wish him a Gute Besserung. Hope he’s not too itchy. Patrick has a little scar next to his eye which is from a chicken pox. Ahhh, them were the days.

    1. It was my favourite until the one with the quiz and then I ended up really loving the one where they all find out.

      He seems fine, thanks. Bit tired and ‘tickly’ but not too bad so far.

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