No more babies

Years ago, before I’d met David, I was really broody. Or I thought I was. One night, I dreamed I was massively pregnant and when I woke up I was horrified. And so I knew I wasn’t ready for a baby.

After having Joe, I really wanted another baby. As time’s gone on, the feeling’s mostly warn off, but there’s still that little glimmer of wondering… just one more? Before it’s too late?

This morning, I’d told Harry that we had to keep poxy Joe away from one of the school mums because she’s pregnant. When his best friend came over, I said, “R’s mum’s pregnant too!” And R said, to me, “Are you pregnant?!”

I said, “No!” but in the manner of Kevin the Teenager being asked if he had a girlfriend. Like “Pffft! Ha! Like I could have a baby! What an utterly ridiculous idea!”

Of course, I understand that I already have two children (although that still startles me since I’m, you know, about 12), but it’s clear to me now that there won’t be any more.

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8 thoughts on “No more babies

  1. I think, recently, I’ve come to the same realisation. We had a bit of a scare & I was a week late – which I’ve never, ever been late. I was suddenly thinking, ‘Oh God, what will we do. We can’t do it now, with two children & a dog!’ Of course we could have done (Jeez, I’m writing this getting broody again), but we’ve got two happy, healthy kids, with a six year age gap…& a dog. Everything would be, well, just so different….hope that makes sense? I know we’d welcome & love another child just the same as the other two, but I’m pretty sure we’d struggle to spend quality time individually wit the children & with each other. I’m a bit 🙂 & 😦 about this sensible decision. Haha. X

    1. Oh a scare will focus your mind too! But I know what you mean, it seems like something that should be an emotional decision, rather than a practical one. Sigh.

    1. In the recovery room, after Joe was born by c-section, I said, “Let’s have another! Do it now while I’m dead from the waist down!”

  2. It’s weird, being 41 and childless, I’m still hoping! Probably won’t happen but I had a ‘scare’ myself too recently and it made me think ‘maybe I can still do this?’ – better luck next time 🙂

  3. I had the choice taken away from me when I had my little one. Nearly dying from blood loss will do that lol. It took me ages to come to terms with it as it wasn’t my decision.
    I don’t think I could cope with 4 children and I count my blessing that I have such lovely girls 😀

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