Things that make me feel like a grown-up

Hanging out the washing.

Checking on the children before bed.

Taking a baking tray out of the oven.

Pouring a glass of wine while cooking.

Walking to my car with the keys in my hand.

What makes you feel grown up?


20 thoughts on “Things that make me feel like a grown-up

  1. Um, doing my tax returns? (Sorry, boring …) or actually buying something at the make-up counter instead of trying things on and ‘thinking about them’

    1. Ha! No, doing my tax returns makes me feel like I’m back at school, floundering with sums.

      Hmm. I think I maybe felt a bit grown up getting make-up done at the Benefit counter. But then I ruined it by sneaking out without buying anything.

  2. Cooking something that isn’t just “grab it out the freezer and whack it in the oven”.
    Cleaning the bathroom or kitchen.
    Meal planning, even when it’s just checking the dates on the mince & sausages to check what needs eating first.

    And the big one, the one that scared my mother slightly…
    I bought a Dyson instead of the iPad that I wanted! (and then bought the iPad anyway…)

    1. Almost all cooking or cleaning I do is accompanied by “Ugh. Why do i have to do THIS?!” so that certainly doesn’t count for me. 🙂

      Checking dates on food might be one of mine though. Or sorting through the “reduced to clear” food in the supermarket.

      And I’m not sure your last one counts since you bought the iPad too! 😀

      1. Oh all cleaning is accompanied with “ugh”, but once it’s done…!
        The realisation that this is my house and so I can paint & move things is also something that makes me feel grown-up, although the realisation I was allowed a mortgage is just terrifying! 😉

  3. I’ve been feeling like a boring grown up all the time these last few months. Buying a house and sorting out schooling, finances, filling the car with diesel for the massive school run we have at the moment – can do that to you. Would like to feel like a child with no worries for a bit.

    Baking, funnily enough, can often make me feel like a child as reminiscent of doing it with mum/nana. But in order to bake more I need an oven. Which means I have to choose one and that involves being a grown up. catch 22 😉

    1. Ah, doing grown-up things isn’t the same as *feeling* grown up! Buying a house is the most grown-up thing I’ve done, but also the thing that made me feel least grown-up. I remember my friend Jo saying that when she went to sign the forms, she thought an adult should be going with her – “Are they really going to let me buy a house by myself?!” – exactly! Any sort of school stuff makes me feel like I’m a pupil, not the parent of a pupil, too.

      I thought you took a fancy oven with you?

      1. No I just feel grown up with it all. It’s pants.

        Fancy oven is gas. We aren’t on mains gas now (on oil) – was going to get it converted but have now changed mind (might use it for my secret plan). Have inherited gorgeous aga but want to sell it…surviving on a two ring table top oven!

  4. Paying my mortgage. Anything to do with having money – it makes me feel like I HAVE to be responsible! Also, looking after other people’s children – particularly grandchildren.

  5. Love this post and have been debating about my list for AGES:
    Dealing with spiders, buying takeaway coffee, wearing a dress and leaving sweets uneaten 🙂

  6. Hanging out the washing and looking after other people’s children, definitely! I like cooking (mostly) but it doesn’t make me feel especially grown up… Putting leftovers in my lock-and-lock plastic boxes and stacking them in the fridge totally does 😉

  7. I think worrying about the bills every month and looking after my son, even playing with him make me feel like a grown up…not always thought 🙂

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