52 Books: Forget You by Jennifer Echols

I’ve only read one Jennifer Echols book – Going Too Far – but I loved it, so Forget You has been on my wish list for ages. I was inspired to read it for research for the Female Fiction Fiddling list I wrote about for my blog tour.

Like Going Too Far, Forget You has some steamy moments and they’re written really well. The main boy is extremely hot and I loved the Florida setting, but the MC, Zoey, was one of the most irritating I’ve ever come across, to the point where I found myself yelling at the book (for those of you who’ve read it “He’s not your boyfriend!” was the main thing). She seemed to contradict herself a lot too and I was often baffled by her motivation for doing some (many) of the things she did. But that aside, I really enjoyed it and I’ll read more Jennifer Echols soon. (I’ve had The Ex Games on my bookshelf for years.)