Do you remember The Pasadenas?

No time for a proper post, I’m afraid. I want to get back to Fifty Shades of Grey. No, really.

I first saw The Pasadenas supporting Wet Wet Wet. The Pasadenas were great. Wet x 3 were not. (They did “something from our new album” which, of course, no one knew. Pellow grumbled, “Well you could be a bit more f*cking enthusiastic.” The t*t.) So I came away from that gig much less of a fan of the Wets and mad for the, er, ‘denas. I loved their first album, haven’t heard it for years. But this one takes me right back.

(Just Wikipedia’d – they’re all still alive, thank goodness. Such a risk when reminiscing.)

2 thoughts on “Do you remember The Pasadenas?

  1. Yes! I went to a recording of TOTP in 1992/3 and they were on (along with Cathy Dennis) – they had smooth moves 😉

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