Daily Exercise June

I can’t remember why, but I decided to try to exercise every day in June. Well, I know why. It’s because I really hadn’t done very much exercise at all and I wanted to get back into it. But why I decided to try every day rather than ease myself back in gently, I don’t know.

So I set myself up a little bar chart (I love a bar chart) and I picked a few exercise DVDs that I enjoy and off I went. Harry had already programmed the Wii Fit for me and I’d done that a few times so I included that too. And I allowed myself one day off a week.

And? It’s been great. For some reason, it’s been really easy to stick to. I decided I was going to do it every day and so I’ve done it every day. The Wii Fit has definitely helped – it’s perfect for me since I get gold stars and I can beat my own high score, etc. Plus new exercises and levels get unlocked as a reward, so I don’t get bored. I also decided to do yoga every other day, which has been good since it almost feels like a day off and I can do it in the evening if I don’t have time in the morning.

If you’re interested, as well as the WiiFit, I’ve been doing Zumba, Kettlebell, Mel B (I know, but it’s good and short), plus yoga videos from Yoga Journal online and, lately, here. I told myself I needed to do at least 10 minutes a day and some days I only just scrape 10, but I’ve found that I’m doing more. Yesterday, for example, I did 20 minutes of kettlebell and today I really need the yoga.

I might even try to carry on with it after June’s over. Maybe.

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3 thoughts on “Daily Exercise June

  1. Good for you Keris! I’ve been doing the wii fit for 14 days now, without missing one. I do minimum 20 mins, max 40. Start with a routine I made up of Yoga and muscle training followed by as much aerobic and balance as I can manage. In case you’re interested, we have lots of fitness dvds on our ebay. Yoga, pilates, kettlebell, lots of different martial arts, kickboxing. If any sound useful, let me know.

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