Yesterday was a Flexischool day. I haven’t had a chance to write about what’s happening with Flexischool, but basically I arsed it up a bit and so now I’m trying to get Harry back onside.

Yesterday was also supposed to be Joe’s first day at outdoor preschool, but the weather was so terrible that they suggested we pick him up after lunch so that the incessant rain didn’t put him off ever going back.

So Harry and I dropped Joe off and then drove to Starbucks for breakfast, before heading to Next to buy him some clothes for his holiday. Well. We were in there for over an hour and Harry chose some fabulous stuff (wait til you see his hat). We both spent quite a long time trying on sunglasses and laughed a lot. To Joe, everything is either “Beautiful” or “Disgusting”, to Harry, it’s “Yeah. Fine” or “Horrifying.” Doesn’t do much for my self-esteem, I can tell you. I also picked up a sort of beach dress thing for myself and Harry says Selena Gomez has got the very same one. Er. Great.

From there we went to do some food shopping with Harry adding up the bill as we walked around. We were only in the first aisle, when outdoor preschool phoned and asked me to come and pick Joe up cos he was cold. Stupidly, because it’s June, I’d sent him in a long-sleeved top and coat, not realising that we’d have a freakin’ monsoon.

So Harry and I set off to fetch Joe and I, like a dingbat, headed for the drop-off point, rather than the pick off point. I only realised when we’d gone about ten minutes in the wrong direction. We turned around and headed off in, you know, the right direction, only to find that the road had flooded, cars had broken down and the road was, basically, closed. I phoned preschool to be told that they were calling it a day for the first time since they’d opened and they’d meet us back at the drop-off. Off we went again.

I’ve never seen roads like it. When you think it had only been raining for a few hours, there was standing water everywhere. You’d think drainage would be a priority in this flippin’ country, wouldn’t you?

Anyway, I finally managed to collect Joe and he was cold but happy. He couldn’t wait to tell me he’d seen water running down the roads.

Joe went to bed early and Harry asked if he could stay up with me for a bit. He was busy on the iPad, I had a Thai ready meal, a glass of wine and Friends on the TV. And he’s just such good company. We chatted, we laughed, he tutted when someone on Friends said “Damn” and I thought about how amazing it is that I have this wonderful little friend, who makes me laugh every single day.

6 thoughts on “Friends

  1. Now is it all the original drainage. Has nothing been updated in that area? I imagine a few more incidents and media complaints will get them working on it…. hopefully.

    Your stories about your relationship with Harry make me want kids.

    1. I’ve no idea, but it’s flooded a few times lately and they haven’t done anything about it. They seem to treat every occurrence as a one-off, freak of nature, type thing, when in fact it’s happening more and more.

      And thank you. That’s lovely. x

      1. It sounds like they need to do a major overhaul. With freak weather happening more and more often in unusual places it really needs to be attended to. I guess it always comes down to available money.

        You’re welcome. Didn’t mean to get mushy. 😉

  2. Aww, I adore your stories about your children! Joe is such a little cutie and Harry seems like a wonderful kid! I love how much you clearly enjoy them. I’m jealous, but your stories make me happy. xx

  3. Harry and Joe brighten up my day… i love hearing about them and it even makes me smile while doing HW! x

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