I’ve written about Nora Ephron for Bea today. But there are a few things I wanted to link to here too.

I absolutely LOVE this article from O magazine on the rapture of reading (and I’m so with her on Kavalier & Clay). Also, Nora’s bookshelf.

Ages ago, I googled Nora out of nosiness for inspiration and found this article – My Day on a Plate. My favourite quote: “I don’t think any day is worth living without thinking about what you’re going to eat next at all times.”

I also love this quote: “I try to write parts for women that are as complicated & interesting as women actually are.”

And this made me laugh. Even though I was crying.

And you’ve probably seen this by now, but I can’t stop thinking about her lists of what she will – and won’t – miss.


5 thoughts on “Nora

  1. I love that quote about thinking about what you’re going to eat next all the time. All my days are worth living, by that criterion.

    1. Me too. It reminds me of something Nigella Lawson said about the saddest part of the day being late in the evening when you realise your day’s eating is done 🙂

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