The future is here

I’ve just signed one of my books on Kindle. No, really.

A while ago, I signed up with Kindlegraph. I spent way too long trying to get my signature just right with a mouse and then forgot all about it.

Yesterday, I had my first request! I tried the mouse thing again, but then remembered the iPad and actually managed a marginally better signature with my finger (you can only imagine how long I spent trying – if I buy one of those iPad pen thingies, that might be better).


(I don’t usually put a kiss over the i in my name, but since I couldn’t dot it with the iPad – and I usually put a kiss after my name – I thought I’d kill two birds.)


5 thoughts on “The future is here

  1. I didn’t even realise you could do this! Genuis! Does either of your boys have a Nintendo DS? They come with a stylus, that i’m pretty sure will work just fine on an iPad.

    1. Stylus, that’s the word! But no, they don’t. They iPad ones are really cheap though, just need to organise myself enough to order one. Thank you!

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