This morning, at around 5, I was woken by a sound I thought at first was Joe, crying. I listened for a bit and realised it was further away than Joe – the little boy next door maybe? No. It was cats.

We haven’t got cats, but there are quite a few nearby and they frequently come in our garden (which is currently like a very small jungle) and lie in the long grass to annoy the hell out of David, who shouts and bangs on the window with a wooden spoon, while me and the boys laugh at him.

So the sound was coming from the cats. It wasn’t a sound I’ve heard before – the one that sounds like they’re fighting, but I’ve learned is probably not fighting, but, um, lovin’ – this sounded like singing.

The picture I immediately had in my head was of the cats, arms around each others shoulders, standing on a fence and probably swaying. The singing sounded mournful. I was lying there, wondering what they were actually doing, when David got up and shut the window. Oh.

I’ve googled it (cats singing, not David shutting the window), but I haven’t actually been able to find out what they do it for. Does anyone know?